Been awhile.

4 Jan

Whoa, its been awhile.
It’s crazy how fast life can fly by! and how the busyness of everyday life gets in the way.
BUT, I am going to get back into this again. My goal is to get to Italy this year so I better learn away ūüôā
This will be the year!


King Tut who??

13 Jun

The Mask of King Tutankhamen, King Tut’s tomb are a major part of Egyptian Art history, King Tut’s mask is probably one of the most famous artifacts found in Egypt.

The crazy thing about that is in real life King Tutankhamen, who died at the age of 19 was actually very unimportant in Egypt! Yet after he died, thousands of years later he is one of the most celebrated pharaoh of all time! hmmmm….I don’t know about most people but I think I would prefer to be celebrated during life rather then after death! Either way, his tomb was the only tomb to be discovered in near original condition. In fact no one even believed his tomb existed besides a British archeologist, Howard Carter, who dug for six years in the Valley of Kings looking for this tomb, during some of that time he was only a mere 2 yards from the entrance, but after 6 years finally found it! In 1922¬† he entered the tomb, lit a match into the darkness and he was surrounded by gold. Everything inside the tomb was covered in gold, his 6 feet 2 inch coffin was made of solid gold, and lets not forget the famous mask which was covering his face.

What a find made by Howard Carter! But this find was not free, over 20 people connected with the unsealing of King Tutankhamens tomb died mysteriously and under odd circumstances…What do you think? curse, superstition, or mere coincidence?


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tut and carter


29 May

Everyone knows what Cave Art is and an estimated time frame when it¬†was made but most people don’t know the actual stories of who first discovered some of these cave treasures!

One of the first discoveries of cave paintings took place in Lascaux, France. In 1940, two young boys were on a walk, their dog had suddenly disappeared, after searching the boys found their dog in a hole that lead into a cave, inside the cave was covered with thousands of paintings and engravings. Since the paintings had not yet been discovered they had remained virtually intact for more the 17,000 years! However, once the cave had become well known visitors started arriving and due to all the moisture and carbon dioxide from people going into the cave fungi grew and soon covered the walls. The cave has been closed to the public since 1963.

This story really stood out to me, I couldn’t imagine being a child and coming across such adventure! To think that just two young boys and a dog made such an amazing discovery amazes me, I’m sure that was a day they would never forget.


Architecture of the day:

Stonehenge: ancient race, giants, astronomical clock or conjured by Merlin the Magician?¬†I’ll let you decide that one ūüôā


Tomorrow onto Egyptian art and there obsession with immortality!

Anonymous Art

28 May

Today starts the first day of my challenge.

My challenge is to pursue and carry out a lifelong interest. This for me is art history, as a long term but slightly uneducated (after only two college art history courses) art lover I am finally deciding to take it to another level and challenge myself to go beyond just the composition, style and mood of the piece, I want to go deeper and learn it’s history.

Starting out I will be reading and analyzing “The Annotated Mona Lisa” (Second Edition)

I can hardly wait to start my new art book club challenge and expand my horizons and knowledge. 

It amazes me that art has been around for over 25,000 years and that someone from that long ago created it and it is still around and being studied today. I’m sure they did not think that would be the case at the time!¬†

In the beginning art was in three categories: Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. 

The first art objects were created in caves, these were not to simply decorate the caves but they were symbols that were said to have supernatural significance, these were mainly symbols of animals and people. 


I find it very interesting that art was just invented one day, how did the first person even come up with it or understand what this urge was? Was it even art or was this just a form of communication to appease natural forces that they believed in?



Until tomorrow!

24 Hour Unplugged Challenge

12 Mar

At this beginning of this challenge I¬†didn’t think that it would be difficult.

This Challenge made me a lot more of aware of how much time I¬†actually spend “Plugged In”. Almost my whole day i was using some type of technology.

Overall, this challenged turned out to be a huge challenge for me and I¬†did not make it the full 24 hours. The reasons i¬†didn’t make in the full 24 hours was mainly due to using my cell phone, it was almost impossible not too because that it was of my main sources of communication.

I did make it all day until during the evening I slipped up a few times.

  • What about your day was different in terms of logistics?

My day was a lot different, I seemed to be bored in my spare time so I took on other tasks such a cleaning, organizing and homework. Which turned out to be very positive because i got a lot more done.

  • What about psychological effects?
    • How did this affect your communication with others?
    • How did this affect your studying or other activities?

This affected my communication with others a lot, I had no way to talk to them unless i was with them. There was no way to contact people to meet up or anything at all.

This challenge affected my studying in a positive way because without being able to use technology I had a lot more free time to just sit and study.

I knew that this would be a challenge from the beginning, im glad that i at least almost made it a full day! This really shows how dependent society is on technology! It actually makes life difficult without it. It connects everyone together in a lot of ways.

I think that people are not connected are but at the same time arent missing out on stuff. From being connected you can almost do anything you want to, meet who ever you want, learn whatever you want to learn. Although, by being unconnected you have more time being able to experience the real world.

Here are some links of articles i read and found interesting relating to this topic:¤t=1&last=13#slideshowTop

Then VS. Now

Then VS. Now, Sad but true!

Overall, there are both positives and negatives to being connected, I¬†think that everything is ok in moderation. Technology is useful¬†in many ways but it’s still¬†important to go out there and experience the real world.